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“With Senseca, we build an agile sensor tech company to enable businesses and society to improve the environmental and economic status quo through customized technology solutions that provide reliable data and facts.”

Joining forces
one team, one brand, one company

Five brands, one passion: Love for measurement technology. The aspiration to describe our complex world in precise, unchallengeable facts and data. When great minds come together, great things happen.

The most beautiful sensory system connects lovers over 2,000 kilometers.

Nature is always an absolute reference point for our science, research and development of sensor technology. Like the songs of whales. Nothing impresses us more. Nothing brings us more to the responsibility of creating solutions that preserve and sustain nature.
That’s why SENSECA makes sense.

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GHM GROUP evolves into SENSECA

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What is the reasoning behind the rebranding?

For us it is not a rebranding project. It is a change in the way we approach the market and develop our products. In an increasingly fast-moving world, we want to create an agile company that can respond quickly to customer needs and market trends.
We do this by bringing together the knowledge of each former brand in interdisciplinary teams and creating a culture of openness and passion where innovation can thrive.

What is the effect on the product portfolio?

The rebranding will have no immediate effect on the product portfolio. Hence almost all products will be also available under Senseca.

What will happen to the GHM GROUP and its brands?

The five brands, namely Honsberg, Greisinger, Martens, Val.Co and Delta OHM, are joining forces under Senseca. All brands and the group name will disappear from all communications as of January 1st. Their legacy remains an integral part of Senseca. We will lead the brands into a successful future while keeping the same entrepreneurial spirit of their founders.

What are the customer benefits?

Senseca has a clear philosophy: To put the customer at the centre of every decision and help them grow through an application driven approach.
Our One Face to the Customer approach is all about simplification. This results in easy access to our entire product range, improved customer experience and simplified processes. The new agile organisation will also stimulate innovation, resulting in shorter development cycles and faster product availability. In keeping with our credo: You are unique, so the solutions you need are.


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